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Providing a full range of compliance auditing, VCM's audit services focus on the most critical areas in community banking:

  • Lending compliance
  • Operations compliance
  • Fair lending
  • Community reinvestment act
  • Credit review
  • IRR
  • Specialized audits

Because we specialize in providing audit services to community banks, your Board and executive team will know that the bank’s audit meets all standards of the state and federal regulators under which it operates.

Our approach includes both onsite and offsite assessment work, which reduces your overall cost of delivery. We start every audit with a risk assessment, then focus our highest and best resources on the areas of greatest risk in your bank. Our specialists in the different areas of audit work together as a team to ensure the highest possible compliance standards.

Utilizing our existing relationships with state and federal regulators, we are able to represent your organization in audit and compliance meetings, as well as train your existing staff in areas where they might need additional assistance.

Your Partner in Balancing Compliance